It provides a deeper breakdown of the market participants, splitting commercial traders into producers, merchants, processors, users, andswapdealers. The noncommercial participants are split between managed money and other reportables. The supplemental report is the one that outlines 13 specific agricultural commodity contracts. This report shows a breakdown of open interest positions in three different categories. These categories include non-commercial, commercial, and index traders.


commitment of traders forex can use the report to help them determine which positions they should take in their trades, whether that’s a short or a long position. One thing the report does not do is categorize individual traders’ positions because of legal restraints. This is part of confidential business practices, according to the commission. Other reportables – other traders, mostly non-investors who need to hedge risks. In other words, it is the trader who is classified as commercial or speculative, not the trade. This is why big players like Goldman Sachs applied for a commercial designation, even though it is obvious many of its trades are actually speculative.

How this behavior is viewed needs to be taken into context with market conditions, trend, and how other factors are impacting the market. In the graph below, in the gold market you can see a nearly 100% inverse correlation between the activity by hedgers and large speculators. The tendency for large specs to use trend-following strategies can also be observed, as the general direction of their trading activity and the price of gold move relatively in-line.

Where Do You Find a COT Report?

You could also download the data into a spreadsheet and make up your own chart. The charts of most software will show commercials vs. speculators as they raise and lower their positions over time. You can often see a turning point when one or the other changes direction. It can be a real nuisance to try to incorporate the COT report into your trading plan, because the report itself, is badly designed and not user-friendly. The CFTC offers a long form and a short form for each commodity on each of a dozen exchanges, plus breakouts for futures and options and futures alone, and other complexities. You can get lost in the contracts for milk and cheese before you find the currencies.

futures market

If commercial and non-commercial long positions are both growing, for example, that is a bullish signal for the price of the underlying commodity. The data for positions in USD/MXN, USD/BRL, USD/RUB and XAU/USD is present in the reports, but the backtesting results were very inaccurate for these instruments and they were omitted from this strategy. You could still try trading them at your own risk, which originates mainly in higher spreads.

Introduction and Classification MethodologyThe Commodity Futures Trading Commission publishes the Commitments of Traders reports to help the public understand market dynamics. The report uses data provided by reporting firms like clearing houses and forex brokers. It publishes the overall holdings of different assets by commercial traders, non-commercial traders, and retail traders to promote the transparency in the commodities and futures market. This chart shows the weekly Commitment of Traders report published by the CFTC.

The Commitments of Traders, or COT, report is a weekly publication that shows the aggregate holdings of different participants in the US futures market. It provides a snapshot of trading commitments as of Tuesday of that week in order to increase the transparency of exchanges. The report provides investors with up-to-date information on futures market operations and increases the transparency of these complex exchanges. It is used by many futures traders as a market signal on which to trade. Mid-September, the net short positions of the pair went to a 1-low.

Jordan, who is considered one of the best, if not the best, basketball player of all time was actuallyCUTfrom his high school team. Keep in mind that trading, just like any other new skill or endeavor, requires intense dedication to achieve great things. The reality is that not everyone gets to tell their own success story.

When the new signal comes, after the closing, the number of bars between the… The report shows opened positions by all the subjects that have to report their positions at CFTC. In fact, many investors have lost a lot of money by following these sentiments. At times, the majority of the traders might be wrong while at other times, they might be correct.

Commitments of Traders

The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. COT reports can be obtained from the CFTC website and can be downloaded in several file formats. There is no stop-loss, take-profit or any additional exit conditions. Previous position is closed when a new position in the opposite direction is entered.


If you are interested in trading based on COT reports, you might find our COT strategy useful. Traditional trading lore has it that the way to use COT data is to “follow the commercials.” In FX, this is not always the best advice. I decided to publish the COT Forex Indicator, which I created for convenience, as an open source. The period DXY is determined by the differences between the two signals on the Pivot Reversal Strategy on the weekly chart.

Commitments of Traders (COT)

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  • August 17 brings an end to this short trade as the Dealers’ long positions grow while their short bets are dropping.
  • In the futures market on the other hand, they pledge to buy or sell assets at a certain price.
  • It’s a sentiment analysis tool and should be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis, i.e. – technical & fundamental.
  • If it goes down, you are protected by your fixed price already secured with your futures sale.
  • The long position lasts for two weeks as it is closed on July 27 using the data for July 24.

All 7 major currency pairs can be quickly checked and the respective entries and exits executed. This script marks the last Friday of the month in a daily chart because this is the day when BTC and ETH options expire according to Deribit. I only found a script that highlights the 3rd Friday of the month, which is not what I wanted. This script tries to figure out the correct number of days per month but is not aware of holidays which might displace the expiry date. The purple area is the Daily December Futures contract subtracted by the current price. that traders are able to report business purpose by commodity and, therefore, can have different classifications in the COT reports for different commodities. For one of the reports, Traders in Financial Futures, traders are classified in the same category for all commodities. As noted earlier, due to the infrequency and delay in reporting, the COT report is best used as an intermediate to long-term sentiment indicator. This is where more timely data can be used to determine short-term sentiment, and even in conjunction with the COT data.

The COT report is considered to be an indicator that analyzes market sentiment. On this chart, you can see the net “non-commercial” positions taken on by forex traders in the U.S. futures markets. Data in the COT report influences – and is influenced by – the spot foreign exchange market. Clearing members, futures commission merchants, and foreign brokers file daily reports with the Commission. Those reports show the futures and option positions of traders that hold positions above specific reporting levels set by CFTC regulations.

When you find these positions, it could be a signal that a market reversal is around the corner. This is because, if everyone is long a currency or a commodity, who is left to short? Similarly, if everyone is short a currency, who is left to sell? This one is made up of the 13 agricultural commodity contracts.

However, the original COT reports are text based and the CFTC does not provide any data analytics tools. Do not forget to swap short and long positions for inverted currency pairs (USD/CAD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and USD/NZD). August 17 brings an end to this short trade as the Dealers’ long positions grow while their short bets are dropping. The long position lasts for two weeks as it is closed on July 27 using the data for July 24.

It can also apply to financial instruments, such as interest rate contracts; where for example, a bank might want to hedge against fluctuations in interest rates. A futures exchange is a central marketplace, physical or electronic, where futures contracts and options on futures contracts are traded. Department of Agriculture’s Grain Futures Administration issued an annual report outlining hedging and speculation activities in the futures market. In the 1990s, the report moved to a bi-weekly publication before going weekly in 2000. The Commitment of Traders report is a weekly publication that shows the aggregate holdings of different participants in the U.S. futures market.

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If X percent of traders hold a long in a currency on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange , then logic follows that those in the spot market may have a similar position. If positions become extended on the CME, then it is likely that positions are extended in the trading community as a whole. Some analysts look at the dollar equivalent holdings of the seven major currencies to gauge overall sentiment towards the dollar. The widget is based on the currency futures reports and shows the long, short, and net positions of non-commercial traders, such as asset managers, hedge funds, and derivatives dealers. The short format shows reportable open interest and week-to-week open interest changes separately by reportable and non-reportable positions.

We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. There have been recommendations to publish more detailed data on a delay as not to affect commercially sensitive positions, but that still looks unlikely. And, despite its limitations, most traders agree that even the questionable data of the COT is better than nothing. COT reports detail how many long, short, and spread positions make up the open interest. Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader.

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